RED – A Study Group Exhibit

Most years our Scandinavian Weavers Interest Group chooses a technique to study, but two years ago we chose to set our weaving goals to focus on a color at the heart of so many Scandinavian folk textiles — red.

Please come to see this warm and lively show at the Textile Center of Minnesota Community Gallery, May 12-June 25, 2016.

For our 2016 exhibit, members chose many paths in technique and materials.   We didn’t exclude the rest of the color wheel completely; our only criteria was that red needs to be a significant element of the piece. Some pieces are mostly red, and others are grand experiments in fitting red into a pleasing combination.


Featured Weavers

Lisa-Anne Bauch
Veronna Capone

Nancy Ellison
Melba Granlund
Patty Johnson
Corwyn Knutson
Judy Larson
Robbie LaFleur
Connie LaTendresse
Karin Maahs
Marilyn Moore
Jan Mostrom
Keith Pierce
Lisa Torvik
Phyllis Waggoner

Exhibitions Opening Reception: 6-8 pm, May 12, 2016.

This festive evening will celebrate new shows in all the galleries at the Textile Center of Minnesota.  You won’t want to miss the other exhibits, either: On Borrowed Time: Postponing the Inevitable, Maggie Thompson (with an artist talk at 7pm); Hiaku Two Ways, Sandra Brick; and Joys & Tears in the Apron Strings, Yvonne Cory.

RED – Phyllis Waggoner

“Untitled”  8’6” x 27”  Technique: 4 shaft point twill variation, treadles tied for 2/2 twill, “woven on opposites”  Materials:  5/8 linen warp, sett 6 epi, 3 ply rugwool weft.

In the case of Phyllis’ long, beautiful rug, red was part of a color challenge — could she make the red work with the other colors? She had a great deal of yarn left after completing a commission. Rather than weave a shorter red rug, she chose to use all the colors to weave a long rug.  “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and Phyllis invented a design to make use of her red, and more.

Unfortunately, the gallery configuration made it impossible to get a great head-on shot of Phyllis’s beautiful rug.  You’ll have to visit it in person, or look at it obliquely here.



RED – Veronna Capone

Five Studies. Each 6″ x 6.”  Linen weft, wool warp.

Five small tapestries.  The first of these five small tapestries uses traditional Norwegian ‘lynild,’ or lightning weave’; the others are in rutevev, or square weave.


RED – Judy Larson

“Rolokan Reds.” 30″ x 29″ Cotton warp, cotton weft.  Rolokan.

Judy used a variety of red quilting cotton prints in a rolokan (Swedish tapestry) technique, spacing out the “flames” with tabby stripes.  At a distance, the sharp edges of the flame-like image is graphic and bold.  It’s worth a close look, too, where the patterns in the fabric strips look unusually dizzying.



RED – Lisa Torvik

“Transparent Tapestry #2 – Friends” 17″ x 13″ Linen and refleksgarn (reflective yarn).  Transparency Technique

This is part of a planned series of four transparent tapestries featuring a Scandinavian reflective yarn.



RED – Lisa-Anne Bauch

Hraun. (Lava) 11.5″ x 7″  Technique: Boundweave. Materials: Cotton warp, wool weft, wood button.


Inspired by lava!



RED – Connie LaTendresse

Checkered Pillow.  18″ x 18″  Linen, poppana fabric strips.


IMG_4777Connie’s checkered pillow is one of a pair woven in a beautiful design from the book Scandinavian Weaving by Tina Ignell.  She ordered red and navy popanna, a bias-cut cotton fabric, from WEBS and the seine twine from Vavstuga. The weaving went incredibly fast and looked just like the photograph in the book, but when she took it off the loom, she just didn’t really like it or know what to do with it. It languished in a closet.  When the Scandinavian Weavers group began its focus on red, she took it to the fabric store and found the perfect backing to complement both colors.  Sometimes a weaving just has to wait for the right moment to be the perfect something.  The checkerboard pattern works especially well  as a pillow, as the curved edges of the pillowtop give an “op art” effect to the small squares.

RED – Claire Most

Theme and Variation. 27″ x 45″ Double-binding technique. Cotton warp and cotton fabric weft.




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